Pouyan Bizeh

Pouyan Bizeh is a futurist, speculative design specialist, and research and education enthusiast whose works undergo the confluences of emerging digital technologies, new sociopolitical trends, and fictional storytelling. He received a bachelor of architecture from IAUCTB School of Art and Architecture in Tehran (2012). Later on, He pursued a Master of Architecture in Situated Technologies from State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo (2016) where he illustrates fictional stories, design products, and innovative platforms through a diverse set of media to address social trends and concerns.
He is a co-founder of Scenariative Collective and a member of the Iranian Elite Foundation. From 2017 he started tutoring in different workshops and seminars at CAAI School of Architecture. He worked as the research and development manager at the renowned architecture studio, Nextoffice, where his collaborations resulted in several international awards including RA Dorfman Award and WAF Category Winners. He is the founder of Design Futures Initiative chapter in Tehran and an associate member of the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF). He is currently the storyteller and futurist at Future City Innovation Lab in Tehran.
In 2017, Pouyan was a senior researcher at TUIC, playing roles such as the project manager in Tehran's Data Narrate, a project advisor in Ferroperformative, and a workshop facilitator and discussion moderator in IF Water Symposium.