Sahar Gohari Moghadam

Sahar Gohari Moghadam is currently an M.Arch Architecture and Urbanism ( Design Research Laboratory) candidate at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, United Kingdom. She holds a Master of Science in Architectural Computation from the Bartlett School of Architecture and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Tehran. Her areas of interest lie in the use of algorithms, such as neural networks, for solving urban and architectural issues. Sahar’s Architectural Computation dissertation at the Bartlett, focused on a pathfinding  method implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic, using spatial and user experience-related data.
At TUIC, she served as a senior researcher, and was involved in the editorial and research consultation of the TUIC 101s: 101 Points and Cases of Interactive Projects, 101 Cases of the New Old in Contemporary Urbanism of Iran, and 101 Lessons from Pandemics.