February, 2022

ISSUE 22 : 101 Lessons from Pandemics

Throughout history, the spread of some diseases and their transformation into epidemics and pandemics has led to the imposition of sudden changes in the world. The latest pandemic, called the Covid-19 or Coronavirus, is no exception to this rule and has had far-reaching effects on various realms of human life up until today. Many of these impacts will continue after the end of the outbreak period and require us to be flexible and adapt to the occurred transformations.
In this issue of TUIC 101, while identifying and examining pandemics and epidemics with a strong impact in terms of prevalence and demographic effects, one hundred and one lessons, in the form of three factors, include; significant ramifications in eight major realms, human and community responses to solve problems or align with the conditions created, and the paradigm shifts are expressed; and the relationship between these three factors are examined. The study and analysis of these lessons, which have a somehow spatial aspect, shows that a review of the design of the space body at different scales can prevent many challenges from the occurrence of pandemics or prevent the conversion of outbreaks into pandemics.
Therefore, in the next step and another report from TUIC 101, in order to achieve effective spatial ideas and guidelines in controlling the current and possible future challenges, firstly, those defined (triple) factors that have a direct or indirect spatial aspect are evaluated based on the specific criteria that will be described, and eventually, the design instructions will be presented in different scales.


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101 Lessons from Pandemics