October, 2021

ISSUE 20.1 : 101 Cases of the New Old in Contemporary Urbanism of Iran

At the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, IAAC, a workshop entitled “The New Old, Envisioning the Future of Our Past” was held to examine the heritage of communities and the feasibility of their adaptation to the future of society. In this workshop, questions about the “old” are answered by analyzing the heritage of societies from different perspectives to arrive at visualizations of the “future of the past”.
In this issue of the “TUIC 101” series, we deal with the past in contemporary Iran, taking into account different areas of life. Given the specific tangible and intangible heritage of Iran, which can be influenced by culture, geographical location and politics, we visualize the future of the ancients in the classification of spaces, objects and patterns.
The future looks at the current potential of this depreciation category. In such a way that this depreciation can occur today, in the recent past or in the future. In the following, after considering the indicators for this classification, we will introduce 101 extracted topics.
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101 Cases of the New Old in Contemporary Urbanism of Iran