September, 2021

Urban Micro-units

The unbalanced growth in population and development of the city's physical infrastructure have made cities denser day after day.
On the other hand, the impact of the real-estate market on the fluctuations in currency and gold, the lack of feasible models for residential development on the real domestic and social needs of the residents, gentrification, along with other major and minor factors, has made owning a house and affording urban accommodation in Tehran a challenging issue.
The development of alternative habitation models namely microunits seems to become an accelerating trend in the near future in cities such as Tehran.
 Microunit is not merely a type of habitat. It represents a model of living and [co-] habitation, as well, and this conversion of occupancy and lifestyle pattern introduced by microunit will change the whole concept of urban life, which brings up the need for revision and redefinition of new paradigms in design. This revision occurs in various layers and in a complementary manner. Only then, can it be claimed that we have reached an efficient, feasible, developable, and expandable solution to the urban lifestyle complications.
Opportunistic Urbanism Studios
Instructor : Nashid Nabian
Teaching Assistant: Avisa Yazdani
Desk Crits: Rambod Eilkhani
Research and Design Team : Narges Rezae, Avin Hashemi, Pantea Khalafi, Sghaghayegh Mahmoudi, Amirhossein Lahouti, Negar Bagherpour, Sahar Qorbani, Maryam Pavopar