November, 2021


[Pop-Arch] Studio is an interdisciplinary Design Research initiative including a set of theorical and historical based lectures on pop history and theory in the form of seminars in one part [POP-Art]  ,and a set of spatial design studies and assignments as a design practice on the other part [POP-Arch].
What do we do in [POP-Art]?
Emerged in the 20th century in the United States and the United Kingdom, POP art was a pioneer art movement, which included and was inspired by the imageries from mass cultures, such as advertising and mass media, and other forms of modernism.
Consumerism in all scopes of life, (which was prevalent from the late 20th century in the west) is the primary theme of this movement.
Bold colors, melodic repetitions and ordinary daily life objects and atmosphere are among the characteristics of the artworks created in this style.
Realism is rippling through pop art. Anomalies with a cosmetic touch of Innovative and spectacular present themselves to the curious eye of the audience.
In the first part of the studio; In a set of lessons and interconnected exercises, with an analytical view at the history and theory of Pop Art, criteria for evaluating the works of this movement will be examined; And with the recognition and review of this movement, we seek to create a unique and new perspective for creativity in architecture and space
What do we do in [POP-Arch]?
Influenced by the conceptual and historical reflection and based on the samples presented in the [POP-Art] seminars, in the second step. the [POP-Arch] initiates the design exercise agenda. In this step, individuals will try to translate these benchmarks to a spatial form by selecting and examining the criteria that defined the artist's works as a POP piece.
The outcome of this studio will be presented in an event with limited participants and all the regarding documents will be published in an issue of the TUIC 101 series.
Option Studios
Instructors : Saloumeh Bahreinifar,  Nashid Nabian
Teaching Assistant: Avisa Yazdani
 Design Desk Crits: Rambod Eilkhani
Research and Design Team : Aida Ershadi, Fariba Firouz Beigi, Farnaz Honarbari, Hadi Aledavood, Mitra Hadipour, Parisa Shiri, Saeed Ramezani, Sepideh Asgari, Sheida Ghotbi