Soheil Bagheri

Soheil Bagheri is a graduate of Architecture from Islamic Azad University, West Tehran Branch. His focus is on the use of programming in the world of architecture and design, and he has a history of collaborating in several programming training workshops at the Center for Contemporary Architects. Also, his first collaboration with TUIC dates back to 2017 and the Tehran's Data Narrate Workshops, where he supervised technical topics as a workshop instructor. In 2021, his re-collaboration with the Tehran Urban Innovation Center was formed as a researcher, which results in 101 case studies of interactive projects and their classification.
Soheil joined the T-Lab program at TUIC in 2021, and carried out a research on Interactive Projects. The outcome of her research has been published as the 21th issue of thee TUIC101 series, and is called 101 Points and Cases of Interactive Projects.