Negar Bagherpour

Negar Bagherpour has graduated with a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Semnan University. She’s mainly interested in inequalities in cities and minorities’ experiences such as women and ethnic groups. She is planning to study social variables such as gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, age, and other social factors on people’s everyday practices within the urban context. Negar believes an intersectional approach could help us create more inclusive cities since looking through various lenses is an essential step to have a deeper understanding of people’s needs and existing injustices, create a better world for all, and reduce segregation as an architect and planner.
She’s also into feminist geography and sees gender as a leading and umbrella issue which can give us a clearer image of other inequalities since these could be very complex based on the mentioned identity variables.
Negar joined TUIC in summer 2021 as a junior researcher and designer to develop an alternative habitation model for contemporary Iranian cities Within the “ Urban Micro-units “ studio. Her focus on this studio was on spatial models to create  customization options in living spaces as personalization of units would increase the users’ sense of belonging.