Mojdeh Mahdavi

Mojdeh Mahdavi is an architect and urban designer, currently at Harvard University Graduate School of Design as a Doctor of Design student. At the GSD, she is also the co-editor of the twelfth volume of New Geographies: Commons, forthcoming fall 2020. Her research focuses on digital geographies, critical urban theory, critical data studies, planetary urbanization, and the relationship between the evolving processes of urbanization, socio-spatial justice, participative urban design and planning, and politics of urban intelligence.
Mojdeh received a Post-Master in Architecture and Urbanism from ENSAPLV, Paris, and a Master in Landscape Architecture from University of Tehran. She has practiced urban and architectural design in Paris, Tehran, and Almaty. As a Harvard Bloomberg fellow in City Leadership Initiative, she used her knowledge of civic engagement and community empowerment in helping Syracuse’s Office of Accountability, Performance and Innovation to devise a socially-conscious, inclusive, and economically-responsive smart city plan. At Harvard, she has held various teaching appointments.
In 2017, she conducted a research project at TUIC with a focus on the efficiency of a combination of offline and online methods as well as digital technologies in the complex process of public participation.