Hamid Reza Googerdchian

Hamid Reza Googerdchian is an architecture graduate, received his Bachelor in Architecture at the Isfahan University of Arts and Master in Post-disaster Reconstruction from Shahid Beheshti University. His main field of study involves design processes and problem-solving techniques. He tries to define challenges through a holistic and multidisciplinary approach, using data-driven and user-centered design tools.
His graduate thesis research formed based on a probable scenario, addressing drought in Isfahan as a wicked problem, regarding ecological components and urban environmental qualities. Inspired by the theory of “Cradle-to-Cradle”, urban vertical agriculture - as a design-based solution - has been developed. 
As a participant researcher and designer in Urban Agriculture Studio at TUIC, together with his teammates, Hamid Reza shaped and executed a project called Green Leftovers.