Golrokh Heydarian

Golrokh Heydarian has a Master of Sustainable Development from Macquarie University in Sydney and Master of Urban Design from Azad University. She worked as an Urban Planning Analyst at the City of Sydney Council to analyze statistical and spatial patterns including population, density of employment and business types and spatial use within the LGA. Her role was involved with research on Residential Apartments Sustainability Plan to identify new strategies to achieve better environmental performance within the residential apartment community. Sustainable Development goals are her passion and she believes this will be achieved through education and raising public awareness.
In 2018, Golrokh joined TUIC as a senior researcher. She carried out a research and compiled the 6th issue of TUIC101 series entitled 101 Citizen-Driven Acts Towards Sustainability of the Environment. She also worked on a research with a focus on bottom-up urban resilience. Golrokh directed the organisational development of TUIC from 2023.