July, 2023

ISSUE 24.7 : Ideas for Micro units | Pixotopia

The “Pixotopia” Project is an educational studio project that took place in 1400 (2021-2022) at the Tehran Urban Innovation Center (TUIC).
Tehran is under a housing crisis. the issue is how long can Tehran continue to develop the current mechanisms. To solve this problem it needs to change and review the way it views the core concepts of physical development. First we have to ask if the concept of housing ownership is nonnegotiable or it can be changed and reconsidered?
In this project, to answer this question, we depict an alternative of the city and call it «Pixotopia»; A city that distinguishes junk spaces and voids in the urban fabric as a negotiable landscape and utilizes them as a platform for nesting and creating another mechanism within the currently existing infrastructure for its development. Like the caveman who explored nature for shelter and took advantage of its potential, Pixotopia consists of living micro-organisms that discover dead substrates, revive them, and create a biological network based on small units (spatial pixels): an organic system with a bottom-up order that coexists with the city.
By challenging the concept of housing ownership and replacing it with a dynamic, flexible, and expandable mechanism, we offer a new proposal for Tehran’s possible future development.
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Ideas for Micro units | Pixotopia