July, 2023

ISSUE 24.5 : Ideas for Micro units | Unitary Domesticities

The “Unitary Domesticities” Project is an educational studio project that took place in 1400 (2021-2022) at the Tehran Urban Innovation Center (TUIC).
In modern cities, families prioritize having larger homes for increased comfort, even if their family size is small. This trend of buying bigger houses indicates a perception that unused space in a home holds more value than occupied space.
When individuals settle in a particular place, they tend to occupy it differently. Typically, residents of a house spend most of their time during the day and night in one or two primary spaces, while briefly attending various activities in peripheral spaces. These peripheral spaces are often occupied by furniture and tools when not in use.
Inhabitants of big cities, however, face challenges in finding affordable and suitable housing, due to urbanization, rising construction costs, and inflation. This demand for additional space leads to further increases in housing prices.
To address this issue, “Unitary Domesticities” is proposed as a platform that combines both the main and peripheral spaces in a home and optimizes the use of furniture and tools. It aims to change residents’ lifestyles in a way that minimizes peripheral spaces does not decrease their quality of life. This project has the potential to disrupt the pattern of rising demand for space and housing costs, making urban living more accessible and manageable for citizens.
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Ideas for Micro units | Unitary Domesticities