March, 2021

ISSUE 19 : 101 Lessons on Activating Urban Resources to Enhance Physical Activity

According to WHO, the death rate caused by the lack of physical activity is estimated around 3.2 million person per year; while other causes of mortality in cities (such as violence, air pollution, and car accidents) have a much lower rate. Finding solutions to enhance the citizen physical activity seems urgent. In order to heading towards a city with healthier citizens, 
In Spring 2019, TUIC conducted a design≠research studio under the topic of Urban Health. The studio resulted in two projects called Tehran21 and Urban Snake&Ladders, aiming at activating existing urban resources towards enhancing the physical activity of the citizens of Tehran on the local scale.
This issue of TUIC101 covers what has been taken out of the research, ideation, development, and implementation phase of these two projects.
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