March, 2021

ISSUE 16 : 101 Lessons from a project on Urban Garbage

The volume of waste being produced in Tehran is almost twice as many other megacities in the world. In detail, waste generation per capita is 800 grams in southern Tehran and 1,200 grams in northern Tehran. Overall, the citizens of Tehran generate 9000 tonnes of municipal waste on a daily basis in the city with a cost of 8 billion rials.
Almost 30 to 35 percent of Tehran's garbage is out of recyclable and solid waste. By considering circular economy principles in waste management system, we are able to return these recyclable materials back to their lifecycle and prevent it from being disposed to exponentially reduce its environmental implications. 
This issue of TUIC101 series documents 101 lessons, retrieved from a problem≠solving process aimed at remaining recyclable and solid waste in the cycle. This experience was gained throughout a design≠research studio at TUIC called Urban Garbage, back in the summer of 2018.
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