December, 2022

Back-engineering Architecture

From the primitive huts of Vitruvius to the glass house of Philip Johnson, from Le Corbusier's Villa Savoy to the Seattle Central Library by Koolhaas, architecture has been subject to examination and theorization through the dichotomy of parts and wholes.
Architecture as a whole can be studied through three fields: historical , theory, and critique. These fields provide a lens through which internal and external factors of the discipline can be examined, including economics, power structures, politics, cultural phenomena, social agency, technology, and more.
In addition to these approaches, focusing on architectural elements and their relationship to the whole opens up a realm of potential for critique and architectural creation. In this TUIC studio, the emphasis will be on architectural elements as a means of reverse engineering the process of architectural creation by examining and reconstructing them.


Architecturel Studios
In collaboration with : Miami School of Architecture
Instructors : Nashid Nabian, Rambod Eilkhani
Teaching Assistant: Avisa Yazdani