Tarlan Khoylou

Tarlan khoylou has a Master of Urban Design from City University of New York and a Bachelor degree in Urban Planning from Azad University. Her undergrad thesis was a study on public and private spaces and integrated social, cultural, and political concerns; during which she focused on possibilities in the revitalization of Seyed Khandan, one of the major intersections in Tehran. While at graduate school, she worked on transformative design based on social interaction in Sunnyside Yards, Queen. At Terreform UR(Center for advanced urban research) as Design & Research Associate she continued her interest in self-sufficient urbanism working as part of the research team for New York City(Steady) State project.
Tarlan has been a senior advisor and researcher at TUIC since 2018, and she is currently serving as the head of research.
[ tarlankhoylou@tuic.ir ]