Tarlan Khoylou

Tarlan Khoylou has a Master of Urban Design at The City University of New York and a Bachelors degree in Urban Planning at Azad University. Tarlan is interested in designing better environments engaging all users using, Bottom-up, Tactical, Participatory, and Soft interventions. At Terreform UR (Center for Advanced Urban Research) as a design & research associate, she focused on self-sufficient urbanism working as part of the research team for the New York City (Steady) State project, Home Grown. As an advisor and researcher, since 2018, she has led various projects at TUIC such as opportunistic urbanism design-research studios, to provide innovative micro solutions for critical urban challenges/trends like waste, food, health, mobility, and micro-living.
Tarlan served as the head of research at TUIC from 2019 to 2021.