Sasan Bahrami

Sasan Bahrami has received his BSc and his Master’s in technology from School of Computing and Technology with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction at the Eastern Mediterranean University. He has been awarded high honour award for six times during his bachelors and received Eastern Mediterranean University's international scholarship for his Masters.
Furthermore he has been rewarded for carrying out projects for Iran’s National Elite Foundation. His side activities include joining Waag Society (Amsterdam), receiving Tadagrant from Tadaex, publishing papers in IATED (Spain) and Indjst (India), and joining online courses by Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, and Berklee College of Music, as well as online conferences/seminars by MIT Media Lab, are amongst his side activities during his activities.
As a researcher and designer, Sasan joined SmartSeat Studio at TUIC; where he, together with his teammates, shaped a project [in]formal Seat.