Reyhaneh Zandian

Reyhaneh Zandian has received a bachelor of urban design from the Art University of Tehran. During her studies, she did some research on visual effect, urban design and citizen's perception; and how graphic design can be applied in urban spaces. Rearranging all the mentioned concepts for her bachelor's thesis, she worked on enhancing visual-perceptual relationships in designing urban spaces using environmental graphics.
Her other research interests include trends in the morphology of cities and its visual effects, connecting the principles of past and modern urbanization, and how humans interact with their surroundings through visual factors such as environmental graphics in creative cities.
Reyhaneh joined the T-Lab program at TUIC in 2019, and carried out a research on environmental graphic design. The outcome of her research has been published as the 9th issue of thee TUIC101 series, and is called 101 Points and Cases Introducing Environmental Graphic Design.