Milad Mohammadkhani

Milad Mohammadkhani holds a Master’s in Architecture & Energy from the University of Tehran, and a Bachelor’s in Architecture from Iran University of Science & Technology (IUST). With ecological design and planning as his main passion, he focused on water sensitive urban design during his master’s thesis, and further on in his research and practice. Milad Co-tutored “Water-city” theoretical-design-build workshop in 4th Qavam Al-Din workshop competition which led to construction of an environmental urban furniture, and has been in charge of the design and planning schemes for “Nakhlak” mining town regeneration since 2018.
As a participant researcher at TUIC since 2020, Milad is drafting an issue of TUIC101 series on cases of water sensitive urban design, aiming to produce agile knowledge on how blue-green cities would look like.