Mannan Ghanizadeh Grayli

Mannan Ghanizadeh Grayli is a researcher, currently with a focus on green technologies in building and construction industry. He is a member of the Young and Elite Researchers Club and holds 12 national and international patents in the intellectual property organizations of the United States and Iran.
During his professional activities, he has been recognized as the laureate of several national and international awards; naming been shortlisted in the Ideabazaar Inventions Festival, organized by Amirkabir University of Technology in collaboration with DAAD Germany, and holding 2nd place in the 4th national student competition of the faculty of mechanical engineering in Khajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology (KNTU).
As a researcher and designer, Mannan joined SmartSeat Studio at TUIC; where he, together with his teammates, shaped the project Poking Seat. This project later got recognised as the winner of the first prize for the poster competition at the 3rd IEEE UK & Ireland, London, 2019.