Alaleh Navaii

Alaleh Navaii, born in Tehran, left home after high school to seek further studies. After graduating from IB (International Baccalaureate) in Oslo, and completing a 2-year graduate study in Philosophy of Mind at University of Oslo, she pursued her Masters in Architecture and Urban design at Bergen Arkitekt Skole, Norway. 
Following a worldview that is fluid in scale and disciplinary focus, her research purposes techniques to integrate and express complex systems and social processes in ways that are fundamentally humane. Her practice has focused on developing sustainable urban tactics in various spaces, opportunity sites to urban ruins, to empower communities within balanced built environments. 
She represented Norway in Low Carbon Fair 2013, Guangzhou, spending a few months living in an urban village, designing and developing space for underprivileged families, mainly children, utilizing bottom-up methods and manuals. 
Moving back to Iran in 2014, she got in charge of the revitalization of Farahzad, dilapidated neighborhood around a main riverbank of Tehran, enhancing methods of collaboration channels between citizens and institutions. She has held several workshops with the street children of Tehran in Oudlajan, regenerating space based on their needs and desires. She has taught classes on Tactical Urbanism, Eco-Architecture and Sustainable Design in University of Tehran, Noshahr Architecture School and several offices and NGOs.
Since 2020, Alaleh is a participant researcher at TUIC, currently drafting an issue from TUIC101 series on Tactical Urbanism (to be published in January 2021); aiming to develop and execute urban interventions by interdisciplinary collaborations.