[ How to Join TUIC Family ]
TUIC constantly seeks to collaborate with those, who strive for the growth of TUIC as well as their own. If you believe in being a member of this family, do not hesitate to apply for one of the positions mentioned below, or even suggest one to us by sending the required documents to applications@tuic.ir. We will contact you shortly after.


[ T-Lab Opportunities ]


Voluntary Researcher for Independent Projects 
Having an idea on a research project in the field of urban innovation, you can be an effective member under the scientific and intellectual supervision of TUIC.
1st phase outcome : TUIC 101
2nd phase outcome : Research packages, article, book, exhibition, product, and services with the possibility of being commercialized, and urban demo
Requirements : CV + Motivation letter + A brief of your idea on the project in 150 words in both Persian and English
Period : Unlimited (min. twice in odd days of the week)
Fee : Free
Please mention T-Lab at the beginning of the subject of your email.



[ T-Event Opportunities ]


Presenter at 2020
Engaged in any field of activity, at the fourth event of 2020, in 6 minutes, and through 20 slides, share an idea of yours or tell the story of one of your projects aside 3 other presenters and join the TUIC family.
Requirements : CV + A brief of your idea on the presentation
Audience : TUIC + guests of presenters
Fee : Free
Deadline : To be announced
Please mention 2020 at the beginning of the subject of your email.