April, 2024

ISSUE25.5: POP_ARCH | Architects Beyond Architecture

The “Architects Beyond Architecture” Project is an educational studio project that took place in 1400 (2021-2022) at the Tehran Urban Innovation Center (TUIC).
Architecture’s multidisciplinary nature allows it to seamlessly integrate and reimagine concepts from diverse fields. The integration of art and architecture has produced numerous examples of this kind of creative exploration, throughout history. In this issue of TUIC 101, we’ll use the lens of “iconicity” to examine how pop art integrates with Architecture and explore why this concept is such an allure for architects. Furthermore, how the architect’s concept of “Icon” has evolved within architectural contexts, no longer limited to describing buildings but extending to encompass symbols of cultural significance.
Therefore, in this Issue of TUIC 101, we intentionally shift the focus from the architect’s buildings to the non-building designs of the architect. By presenting a catalog structured around a taxonomic approach, we classify these iconic and celebrated non-architectural attempts and designs of architecture into three primary categories: Product, Public Art, and Social Persona. Through this exploration, our aim is to showcase how architects interpret and integrate elements of pop culture while acknowledging the pivotal role of iconicity.


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Architects Beyond Architecture