October, 2020

ISSUE 08 : 101 Cases of Creative Reuse of Abandoned Mines

The Circular Economy - as an alternative to the Linear Economy - suggest us to prolong the lifecycle of physical products. During the recent decades, we have been invited to watch out the later stages of this lifecycle, including consumption, recycling and upcycling. Yet the very first stage, material sourcing, has been more or less underestimated. 
Mining is playing a leading role in material sourcing within oil-less economic sectors, which arises environmental concerns due to its costly and complicated processes.
Mining requires building infrastructures which would eventually be idle after material sourcing gets over. Redefining the function of abandoned mines towards recreational and touristic destinations seems to be a clever solution to reactivate the mines and their infrastructures. 
This issue from TUIC101 series uncovers 101 cases of creative reuse of abandoned mines, which could perform as an economic, social and environmental driver in their region; but also caught attentions towards the way the post≠industrial human can behave the natural resources.  
The hard-copy will be available at TUIC's physical library by October 29th. The digital copy will also be freely accessible on this page in a near future.