October, 2023


The “Simplicity” Project is an educational studio project that took place in 1400 (2021-2022) at the Tehran Urban Innovation Center (TUIC).
In this collection, “101 Iconic Architectural Projects since 1970” have been collected which are due to various factors has been represented in the cities as an “iconic architecture” after completely constructed.
The appearance of an architectural building as an iconic work can occur due to events in a moment or an succession of events throughout the projects’s life-time. Meanwhile it is beyond the substantial characteristics of an architectural building, and mostly it is considered by individuals as be known as a “symbol”. As in pop art, a “pop subject” is popular and iconic, these architectural buildings have the potential to become a pop art work due to having a definite symbol and being iconic among the citizens.
Now here we considered buildings that are recognize with an independent essence and belong to the different architectural movements. These architectures due to various factors (the work’s aspects, the designer’s characteristics or the audiences) have promoted as an iconic feature and here by illustrated them in their simplest form and abstract style (similar to their first impression in the people’s memories) and a mechanical encounter in homogeneous formation, have represented as an similar edition. This confrontation has brought same values and equal position for this different components.
Likewise, by playing with the drawing of the buildings, multiplying them side by side and seeing and doing the same thing with them, their special aspect has been left aside (individual iconography has been done) and in order to harmonize more with pop works, it has been tried to use the techniques of drawing (absence of pen strokes) and some characteristics of pop works (bright, pleasant and eye-catching colors) should be considered in drawing pictures.
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