September, 2023

ISSUE 25.3 : POP_ARCH | POP Tehran Garden

The “POP Tehran Garden” Project is an educational studio project that took place in 1400 (2021-2022) at the Tehran Urban Innovation Center (TUIC)
Pop art deals with the representation of omniscient elements or the creation of new but familiar elements, In the Pop Tehran Garden collection, the Persian Garden Carpet was considered as a pop icon in Iran due to its widespread use by all people and its omniscience, so it represented the “Garden” element in Iranian carpets. has been Garden carpets are the most commonly used designs among Persian Carpets. The carpet depicts the garden without perspective and in a frame that has no boundaries, while it represents an enclosed and orderly space like the architectural design of the Persian Garden. The carpets that are spread in Iranian houses bring the timeless and placeless gardens into today’s homes and represent the closest public experience of the garden.
The general design of the work is a “Kheshti Design”, and its background is divided into interconnected quadrangular bricks, which is reminiscent of Iranian garden layouts. Inside each frame, the elements of the garden are displayed in such a way as to evoke the image that the general public remembers from the experience of being with these trees. In this collection, in each art piece, a common tree species of Tehran today illustrated Right to the point and Super flat in a vertical and perspective-free state with a combination of happy pop colors and Persian Colors, which are used to show the colorful seasons of the garden. End is repeated in 9 frames that are separated from each other without a stroke, and this repetition in the viewer’s mind continues to infinity in terms of gestalt to evoke the garden.
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POP_ARCH | POP Tehran Garden