November, 2023

ISSUE 25.0 : POP_ARCH | 101 Statements On Pop Art

The “101 Statements On Pop Art” Project is an educational studio project that took place in 1400 (2021-2022) at the Tehran Urban Innovation Center (TUIC).
[Pop-Arch] Studio is an interdisciplinary Design Research initiative including a set of theorical and historical based lectures on pop history and theory in the form of seminars in one part [POP-Art] ,and a set of spatial design studies and assignments as a design practice on the other part [POP-Arch].
In this issue of the “TUIC 101” series, influenced by the conceptual and historical reflection and based on the samples presented in the [POP-Art] seminars, attempted to form a list of 101 points and chosen pieces referenced to pop art.
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POP_ARCH | 101 Statements On Pop Art