July, 2023

ISSUE 24.6 : Ideas for Micro units | NO_house City

The “NO-House City” Project is an educational studio project that took place in 1400 (2021-2022) at the Tehran Urban Innovation Center (TUIC).
The “NO-House City” delves into the concept of accommodation in cities in the near future and questions the dilemma of ownership versus accessibility in a world that everything can be on-demand. In this alternative city, access will be preferred over ownership. The city’s context as a fluid platform will host various activities that coexist and impact each other. In this speculation, “house” will be divided into a multiplicity of spaces called “POD”s that each consists of a specific function and activity. These “POD “s are connected through the network and will be provided to citizens promptly and as needed. They can be gathered and form various aggregations that respond to different lifestyles and needs that can be changed arbitrarily. Ultimately, the city, as a result of this new affordance, will shift from territorial government performative government, and since the whole city will be described as a home, citizens will have a greater sense of belonging and responsibility to this city.
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Ideas for Micro units | No_house City