February, 2020

ISSUE 05 : Educational Games Concerned with Sustainable Food Diet

Urban Food Studio - from the Opportunistic Urbanism series - focused on food consumption and sustainability in the urban context. The studio’s key concern was how to raise awareness and promote sustainable diets, given food production and distribution systems contribute to at least 25% of human- made greenhouse gas emissions and are responsible for 70% of water consumption.
To this end the TUIC, in collaboration with Iran National Museum of Science and Technology (INMOST), developed a series of board games and field games that made use of and gamified the most recent nutrition literature by the USDA.
These games were then presented to the public in a festival hosted by INMOST, and are currently in development to be published and distributed nationwide.


Read the issue for free : 101 Lessons on Creating Edu-Games Concerned with Sustainable Food Diet